Inspired Creativity and the joy of Polymer Clay
(and other art!)

Polymer Clay is easily my favorite, but I have no shortage of other creative interests.  Painting, sewing, graphic/web design, crocheting, , drawing, writing, gardening, the list is probably a lot longer than it has a right to be (and I'm still determined to learn how to quilt, program java applets, and maybe even knit something other than lopsided pot holders). For the record, I don't claim to be any kind of expert on anything presented here. No matter how awesome you think something turned out - there will always be someone who can "make it better" (but that is not the point!)  

Marilyn Morrison - Chickens!

This is my little cyber-space to show off a wide variety of items, from recent award winning pieces, to items of questionable quality that I created many years ago but still hold an affection for... and I am ok with that... because expressing yourself in whatever way feeds your soul is the point.  Every step in your journey is an important one, so if you wind up with an end product you can appreciate, then 'Yay!'.. if not - well you've still learned something valuable, even if it's not to do it "that way" next time.

~ Marilyn Morrison


Marilyn Morrison Robots


Happiness is having the freedom to relax while inspiration takes your imagination out for a dance.